The Spreading of Almighty God’s Kingdom Gospel in China

October 16, 2020

In 1995, the work of testifying to the kingdom gospel of Almighty God formally began in Mainland China. Through our gratitude to God and with a love that was true, we testified to the appearance and work of Almighty God to the brothers and sisters in various denominations. Little did we expect to suffer extreme resistance and slander from their leaders. We could only come before Almighty God to pray earnestly, beseeching God to work in person. From 1997 onward, we beheld the Holy Spirit work on a great scale. There was a rapid increase in the members of churches in various locations. At the same time, many signs and wonders occurred, and many people in various denominations returned to Almighty God as a result of receiving God’s revelations or seeing these signs and wonders. If the Holy Spirit had not worked, what could man do? This made us realize: Although we understood some truths, we could not testify to Almighty God through our human strength alone. After these people from various denominations accepted Almighty God, they gradually became certain of Almighty God in their hearts through eating and drinking and enjoying the word of Almighty God, and after a period of time, there was produced in them genuine faith and obedience. People from every denomination were thus lifted before the throne, and no longer expected to “meet the Lord in the sky” as they had imagined.

Since the kingdom gospel began to spread, we have been hunted and cruelly persecuted by the Chinese government. Even more tragically, we have also been reviled, framed, condemned, and rejected by Catholic communities and all Christian denominations. This has greatly troubled us, and even stalled the gospel work for a time. Faced with such a situation, we were at a loss what to do; it was as if we were besieged on all sides. At the same time, we were doubly rebuked: We have enjoyed such great salvation from God and have understood so many truths, but we cannot spread the gospel. We really do not deserve to be God’s witnesses, and have really failed to live up to His commission. In this state of mind, we all felt that we had failed in our duty, we did not know what course to take, and we did not know how to give account to God—much less did we know how to face God’s exhortations and entrustment. At a loss, we still felt that God’s heart was calling us and calling every sheep He wished to gain. Thus, we all came before God with indebtedness, guilt, and thirst to pray to God and pour out our hearts to God: “God! May You give us strength and bestow wisdom upon us, so that we can find all Your sheep. May Your will be carried out in us and Your kingdom gospel be spread. May Your word deliver more people into Your house. As long as we can spread Your gospel, we are willing to undergo greater suffering, even if we have to sacrifice our lives. We only pray that You would give us more strength. We are willing to cooperate with Your step-by-step guidance. Oh God, because our stature is small and because we are weak, we cannot complete Your commission smoothly. May You bind those hostile powers that interfere with the spreading of Your gospel, curse the brood of the devil that are not Your own, wipe away all the obstacles that hinder the spreading of Your gospel, and open a way out for us.” We believed that our prayers reached God’s ears, because our petition was after God’s will and was made for the sake of God’s will. Before long, God really did carry out great work, which brought such excitement and joy as we had never felt before. God bestowed wisdom unto us and gave us faith and strength, so that the work of the gospel spread rapidly and reached its climax. Each of us knew, and more than that, believed, that this was good news that God brought to us, and that it was also God’s encouragement and reward for us. The suffering we had undergone was repaid. In the depths of our hearts, we held an even greater appreciation of the true meaning of the words: “Only God Himself can do His own work.” God did not make things difficult for us, much less did He make us feel embarrassed. He merely gave us some small trials at the beginning. With happiness, we were thankful for God’s guidance, help, and care and protection from the bottom of our hearts. At the same time, we also saw the greatness of God’s deeds and the honorableness of God’s disposition; more than that, we saw God’s righteousness and His intolerance of man’s offense, for at the same time as saving man, God also punished many enemies that resisted Him. Among the leaders of all denominations in the 24 provinces and municipal cities across Mainland China, there are typical cases of people being punished for frantically resisting, condemning, and blaspheming Almighty God. The number is many times bigger than that of the people who were punished because of resisting God’s work during the Age of Law. It can be seen that, during the last days, mankind has undergone extreme corruption, and has become even more vehement in his resistance to God. So many people have been punished and eliminated, which has completely fulfilled the prophecy in the Bible that “Many are called, but few are chosen.” If the Holy Spirit did not do such great work, man would be powerless to carry out the work of spreading the kingdom gospel. From beginning to end, God’s work and the work of spreading the kingdom gospel have endured frantic resistance and cruel persecution from the ruling Chinese Communist Party, the great red dragon. At the very least, over one hundred thousand people from The Church of Almighty God have been arrested and imprisoned, and endured all manner of ravages and torture. So many people are wanted and hunted by the Chinese Communist Party; unable to return home, they can only drift about expending for God. So many people are spied on and unable to perform their duty. So many are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and cannot step outside their homes. … In resisting and wrecking God’s work, the regime of the great red dragon has used all kinds of contemptible means and expended large amounts of human and financial resources. Despite exhausting its malicious and insidious crafts, it can never stop the pace of God’s work. God maneuvers all things in service to the fulfillment of His will. The great red dragon is completely under God’s orchestration, being so ordered about by God as to become utterly confused, with no way out. So many times, the great red dragon was on the verge of carrying out nationwide arrests, but its plan was disrupted by God’s arrangement; so many times, the great red dragon wanted to stretch out its hand to do away with The Church of Almighty God, but did not succeed; so many times, the great red dragon attempted to take greater action to do away with God’s work, but it fell through under God’s sovereignty and maneuverings. At such times the great red dragon was desperate with anger, but it had no schemes to carry out. So it had to admit having bad luck—Heaven does not help! It is truly that Heaven destroys the Chinese Communist Party! From the spreading of the kingdom gospel, we have beheld the almightiness of God: No matter how ferocious the powers of Satan are and how they join hands to resist God’s work, it is to no avail. In only ten years or so, the kingdom gospel has spread throughout the whole of Mainland China. God’s word and God’s name have spread throughout hundreds of millions of households, and millions of people have come under the name of Almighty God. Among various denominations in Mainland China, most of those who pursue the truth and truly seek God have returned before Almighty God. Millions of people are enjoying the word of Almighty God, receiving God’s work and salvation, and praising God’s wonderful deeds. God has made a group of overcomers in China and has gained a group of people who are of one heart and one mind with Him. This has opened the path for God’s public appearance. God’s work has finally ended in glory. God has begun to chastise the great red dragon, after which He will appear publicly to every nation and place in the world.

In 1992, Almighty God—Christ of the last days—formally began to utter His voice and speak in God’s inherent identity. He has expressed millions of words and thoroughly conquered and saved God’s chosen people in China. There followed a rapid expansion in testimony to God’s work of the last days in Mainland China, and the work of the Holy Spirit accompanied God’s chosen people. A great many people from various denominations were conquered by God’s word, acknowledging that it was entirely God’s word and being utterly convinced. God’s sheep finally heard God’s voice and returned before God. During this period, the Holy Spirit performed numerous signs and wonders, guiding God’s chosen people in returning to the house of Almighty God from various denominations. As God’s chosen people returned day by day, all denominations collapsed and ceased to exist, and it was as if the entire religious world had been wiped clean.

During the spreading of the kingdom gospel, all kinds of devils and antichrists that resisted God received the righteous punishment of Almighty God. Thus people saw the denouement of going against God. The great red dragon attempted to strangle and do away with God’s work, but it finally ended in failure. All the evil powers that resisted God were thoroughly put to shame, and failed. The great red dragon has finally finished its service and begun to receive God’s punishment. Almighty God once said: “Do you truly hate the great red dragon? Do you truly, sincerely hate it? Why have I asked you so many times? Why do I keep asking you this question, again and again? What image is there of the great red dragon in your heart? Has it really been removed? Do you truly not consider it your father? All people should perceive My intention in My questions. It is not to provoke the anger of the people, nor to incite rebellion among man, nor so that man may find his own way out, but is to allow all people to liberate themselves from the bondage of the great red dragon. Yet no one should worry. All will be accomplished by My words; no man may partake, and no man can do the work that I will carry out. I will wipe clean the air of all lands and eradicate all trace of the demons on earth. I have already begun, and I will commence the first step of My work of chastisement in the dwelling place of the great red dragon. Thus it can be seen that My chastisement has befallen the entire universe, and that the great red dragon and all kinds of unclean spirits will be powerless to escape My chastisement, for I look upon all lands. When My work on earth is completed, that is, when the era of judgment comes to an end, I will formally chastise the great red dragon. My people will see My righteous chastisement of the great red dragon, will pour forth praise because of My righteousness, and will forever extol My holy name because of My righteousness. Hence you will formally perform your duty, and will formally praise Me throughout the lands, forever and ever!

When the era of judgment reaches its peak, I will not hasten to conclude My work, but will integrate into it the evidence of the era of chastisement and allow this evidence to be seen by all My people; and in this will be borne greater fruit. This evidence is the means by which I chastise the great red dragon, and I will cause My people to behold it with their own eyes so that they will know more of My disposition. The time that My people enjoy Me is when the great red dragon is chastised. Causing the people of the great red dragon to rise up and revolt against it is My plan, and the method by which I make perfect My people, and is a great opportunity for all My people to grow in life(“The Twenty-eighth Utterance” of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh).

The spreading of the kingdom gospel has reached an unprecedented state. Millions of people have come under the name of Almighty God. The name of Almighty God has spread throughout Mainland China, and the churches of Almighty God have appeared in every province and region. All those who have accepted the work of Almighty God are enjoying the shepherding of God’s word and experiencing God’s work of salvation. Just as Almighty God said: “Throughout the universe I am doing My work, and in the East, thunderous crashes issue forth endlessly, shaking all nations and denominations. It is My voice that has led all men into the present. I shall cause all men to be conquered by My voice, to fall into this stream, and submit before Me, for I have long since reclaimed My glory from all the earth and issued it forth anew in the East. Who does not long to see My glory? Who does not anxiously await My return? Who does not thirst for My reappearance? Who does not pine for My loveliness? Who would not come to the light? Who would not look upon the richness of Canaan? Who does not long for the return of the Redeemer? Who does not adore the Great Almighty? My voice shall spread throughout the earth; I wish, facing My chosen people, to speak more words to them. Like the mighty thunders that shake the mountains and rivers, I speak My words to the whole universe and to mankind. Hence the words in My mouth have become man’s treasure, and all men cherish My words. The lightning flashes from the East all the way to the West. My words are such that man is loath to give them up and at the same time finds them unfathomable, but rejoices in them all the more. Like a newborn infant, all men are glad and joyful, celebrating My coming. By means of My voice, I shall bring all men before Me. Thenceforth, I shall formally enter into the race of men so that they will come to worship Me. With the glory that I radiate and the words in My mouth, I shall make it such that all men come before Me and see that the lightning flashes from the East and that I have also descended unto the ‘Mount of Olives’ of the East. They will see that I have already long been on earth, no longer as the Son of the Jews but as the Lightning of the East. For I have long since been resurrected, and have departed from mankind’s midst, and then reappeared with glory among men. I am He who was worshiped countless ages before now, and I am also the infant forsaken by the Israelites countless ages before now. Moreover, I am the all-glorious Almighty God of the present age! Let all come before My throne and see My glorious countenance, hear My voice, and look upon My deeds. This is the entirety of My will; it is the end and the climax of My plan, as well as the purpose of My management. Let every nation worship Me, every tongue acknowledge Me, every man repose his faith in Me, and every people be subject unto Me!(“The Seven Thunders Peal—Prophesying That the Gospel of the Kingdom Shall Spread Throughout the Universe” in The Word Appears in the Flesh).

God’s work in Mainland China has finally ended in glory. God is about to appear publicly to every nation and place. Those in every nation and place who longed for God’s appearance never dreamt that the God whom they yearned to appear publicly had already secretly come to China and carried out a stage of work of conquest and salvation. There are so many people who still condemn God’s work in China, and so many people who still blaspheme against the Holy Spirit’s work there. Only when God appears publicly will they be awakened as if from a dream, and filled with remorse: I never dreamt that the Almighty God I resisted is the very Lord Jesus who has come again. But then they can only weep and gnash their teeth. This has completely fulfilled the words of Revelation of the Bible: “Behold, He comes with clouds; and every eye shall see Him, and they also which pierced Him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him(Rev 1:7). The judgment of the great white throne has finally begun.

Almighty God said: “In the kingdom, the myriad things of creation begin to revive and regain their life force. Due to changes in the state of the earth, the boundaries between one land and another also begin to shift. Formerly, I have prophesied: When land is divided from land, and land unites with land, this will be the time that I will smash up the nations into smithereens. At this time, I will renew all of creation and repartition the entire universe, thereby putting the universe in order, transforming its old state into a new one. This is My plan. These are My works. When the nations and the peoples of the world all return before My throne, I will thereupon take all the bounty of heaven and confer it upon the human world, so that, thanks to Me, it will brim with matchless bounty. But so long as the old world continues to exist, I will hurl forth My rage upon its nations, openly promulgating My administrative decrees throughout the universe, and visit chastisement on whomever violates them:

As I turn My face to the universe to speak, all mankind hears My voice, and thereupon sees all the works I have wrought throughout the universe. Those who go contrary to My will, that is to say, who oppose Me with the deeds of man, will fall down under My chastisement. I will take the multitudinous stars in the heavens and make them anew, and thanks to Me the sun and the moon will be renewed—the skies will no longer be as they were; the myriad things on the earth will be renewed. All will become complete through My words. The many nations within the universe will be partitioned afresh and replaced by My nation, so that the nations upon the earth will disappear forever and become a nation that worships Me; all the nations of the earth will be destroyed, and will cease to exist. Of the human beings within the universe, all those belonging to the devil will be exterminated; all who worship Satan will be laid low by My burning fire—that is, except for those now within the stream, the rest will be turned to ashes. When I chastise the many peoples, those in the religious world will, in differing degrees, return to My kingdom, conquered by My works, because they will have seen the advent of the Holy One riding on a white cloud. All of humanity will follow their own kind, and will receive chastisements varying with what they have done. Those who have stood against Me will all perish; as for those whose deeds on the earth have not involved Me, they will, because of how they have acquitted themselves, continue to exist on the earth under the governance of My sons and My people. I will reveal Myself to the myriad peoples and the myriad nations, sounding forth with My own voice upon the earth to proclaim the completion of My great work for all mankind to see with their own eyes(“The Twenty-sixth Utterance” of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh).

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Cov Ntsiab Lus Uas Zoo Sib Thooj

The Origin and Development of The Church of Almighty God

In the Age of Grace, the Lord Jesus promised to His followers, “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also” (John 14:3). He also prophesied, “For as the lightning comes out of the east, and shines even to the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Matthew 24:27). In the last days, as promised and foretold by Himself, God has again become flesh and descended to the East of the world—China—to do the work of judgment, chastisement, purification, and salvation using the word, on the foundation of the redemption work of the Lord Jesus. In this, the prophecies of the Bible that “judgment must begin at the house of God” (1 Peter 4:17) and “[h]e that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches” (Revelation 2:7) have also been fulfilled. God’s work of the last days has ended the Age of Grace and ushered in the Age of Kingdom. As the gospel of the kingdom of Almighty God spread rapidly in Mainland China, people of all religions and denominations who love the truth and yearn for God to appear read Almighty God’s words and recognized them to be the truth, to be God’s voice. They became certain that Almighty God is the Lord Jesus returned, and one after another they accepted Almighty God. The Church of Almighty God came into being. As proven by facts, The Church of Almighty God came into being entirely as a result of Almighty God’s appearance and work, and was not established by any man. This is because the chosen people in The Church of Almighty God pray in the name of Almighty God, obey His work, and accept all the truths expressed by Him. Thus it is evident that these chosen people believe in Christ who is incarnated in the last days, the practical God who is the Spirit realized in the flesh, instead of believing in a man. Outwardly, Almighty God is nothing more than an ordinary Son of man, but in substance He is the embodiment of God’s Spirit and is the truth, the way, and the life. His work and word are the direct expression of the Spirit of God and are the appearance of God in person. Therefore, He is the practical God who is incarnated.